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Jan. 21st, 2006 07:54 am fuck america

we finally one our first basketball game
i did pretty good=)
im "Nick Fitzgerald" about that
inside joke

gr! the car ride home sucked though!
my parents were like, "we gotta go to church tomorow at 12"
i was like, "but im goin over stephanie's"
so now we're going at 10:30
which sucks cuz it gets over at 11:30
and theres no way im goin rite from church to her house
cuz ill be in an incredably bad mood
i wanna go home first, but if that makes me late, ill just go straight to her house
so my dad was like, "just be thankful youre goin over your gf's house tomorow"
and i was like, "oh man dad! youre (fucking) gonna get yelled at! stephanies not my gf when moms in the (fucking )car cuz im only 13 and in 8th grade and am too (fucking) young to have a gf (who's wicked "nick fitzgerald")!"
and then my mom yelled at him cuz he called stephanie my gf
and she is my gf
so my mom can go rot in hell
so we got home and she talked to me about how its important to go to church
i was like, "get (the fuck) outta here!"
now shes playing Othello now and is sad cuz she sucks at it

i love yelling at computers=)
and i love stephanie=)
i cant wait for tomorow=))
itll be wicked fun!
i have to go write a compare and contrast essay on Queen and U2
ah well

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Current Music: Green Day, Bullet in a Bible, "American Idiot"

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Jan. 18th, 2006 08:46 am yawn.....

i had to go to my lil sis concert
she played in about 3 songs
cuz shes a stupid 6th grader
and i already heard all th high school songs
cuz i went to the winter concert to see stephanie play in the band=)
ah well
and then we're walkin out to the Aviator and she sits in the fucking front seat
shes 11! shes not supposed to sit in the front! it clearly says it right on the flip-down thing
that kids 12 and under must sit in the damn back seat
so my dad flipped at me cuz I told her that she shouldnt sit up front
i hate her!!!
shes terrible!
i totally wish i was an only child
Id get the computer mostly for myself,
id probly have a TV in my room
i wouldnt have the fucking channels blocked cuz my sis is only 11
and id get to play M games too

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Current Music: Green Day, "American Idiot"

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Jan. 13th, 2006 09:07 am we're just a couple animals

just got back from th play

i felt bad cuz i said something about mud and stephanie got angry
i didnt mean to...
ah well
I had to leave at like 8:30 and she was still there
i felt bad leaving her
nick and bfrankie was still there
her mom wasnt home
i offered to give her a ride
or come back to my place until her mom got back
i was jsut trying to be nice, but then she was like, "you'd like that, huh?" in an youre a pervert voice
i felt bad...
ah well
i think were cool now=)
i love her so much=)
its hard to explain...
shes great=))

the play though
it was freakin short
it was like a half an hour
pat was funny

im tierd

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Jan. 11th, 2006 02:57 am sigh.....

talking to stephanie
petting lucy

grrrr..... you know what? chooosing a high school sucks! i hate this!>=(
i just fucking want to go to mansfield
i dont get why my retarded parents dont get it!
they only yell at me about like twice a day
so i only tell them i want to go to mansfield like twice a day
and i have to leave for the bishop feehan interview in like a half hour
well, at least stephanie is making me feel better


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Jan. 7th, 2006 11:21 pm yawn!

the pats won!
im talking to stephanie=)
shes quite the girlfriend
shes very forgiving
i love her so much=)


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